Monday, December 31, 2007

Islamic one way tickets for children must not be sold to one parent only!

How can this be fair?

And like I mentioned many times before, I simply cannot comprehend why the Malaysian Islamic authorities repeatedly allow themselves to be manipulated like a rag doll by mischievous converts. Is it really just a numbers game to them, where the more converts the better? An objective to be achieved even to the exclusion of justice and the reputation of the religion?

Under Islamic law, a non-Muslim parent has no rights over a Muslim child
Monday, 31 December 2007

MCA and Ong Should Demand That Cabinet Makes A Decision Preventing Any Conversion Of A Child To Islam Unless Consent Is Obtained From Both Parents

The Subashini decision is more pernicious in that it allows a Muslim parent who has just converted to convert his or her children without the consent of the other non-Muslim parent. This is a great step backward that not only denies the right of freedom of religion but also the constitutional and biological right of a parent over their children. This is a great step backward that will only encourage a divorcing couple fighting over custodial rights of their children to convert to Islam to gain an advantage in securing custodial rights over the other parent. Despite such negation of the rights of non-Muslim parents, DAP is shocked that MCA has openly endorsed supported and welcomed the Federal Court ruling.

What is the point of civil court having jurisdiction to hear and decide on matrimonial disputes involving a spouse who has converted to Islam when it will take no action to prevent that converted spouse to also convert their children. Ong Ka Ting should read the judgement in full and realize that the impact of allowing such unilateral conversion by any parent regardless of objections from the other parent. The other non-Muslim parent will not be able to re-convert the child out of Islam. The child will also be deprived of its right to convert out of Islam at the age of 18.

By changing a child's religion without the consent of both parents will cause much heartbreak. Worse is that Subashini’s case has effectively lost custodial rights of both hers sons (where one is converted whereas the other remains unconverted with the mother) if the father proceeds with the conversion. Under Islamic law, a non-Muslim parent has no rights over a Muslim child.

DAP unreservedly condemns such support by Ong and MCA in denying the biological right of Subashini as a mother. All non-Muslims should open their eyes and realize that in support of UMNO’s Islamic state, Ong and MCA are willing to sacrifice the parental rights of non-Muslims just to preserve their government positions. Ong should retract his support and demand in Cabinet decision barring any conversion of a child to Islam unless consent is obtained from both parents.



Anonymous said...

So, under islamic law, has a muslim parent any rights over a non-muslim child?

sean-the-man said...

Yes, civil law does not discriminate against religion when it comes to the right of biological parents over a child.

Syariah I'm not sure, but according to my Muslim friends, Islam compels Muslims to ensure that their children are given proper religious instruction.