Monday, December 17, 2007

Starting a rumour by telling people not to spread the rumour

Look at some of the news in the press today.

Don’t spread rumours via SMS, warns IGP - The Star

PM: Talk of clashes just rumours - The Star

ISA May Be Slapped On Rumour Mongers, Warns IGP - Bernama

Disregard Rumours Of Racial Clashes - Abdullah - Bernama
I did not receive one SMS or email about this subject. None of my friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates and other sundry acquaintances received any SMS or email about this. And I'll be willing to bet my red panties that neither have you and everyone you know. If per chance, you happened to actually received this SMS, I'll bet whatever is under those red panties that it came from someone who read in the national press about the PM and IGP telling people not to spread rumours.

And isn't it funny that the alternative press, like Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today have nary a word about such a grave rumour, except for reproducing press reports of the PM and IGP telling the whole world about these 'rumours'? Don't you find it odd that the only people who claim that such a rumour exists, are the ones telling everyone else not to spread it?

So, you know what I reckon? I think that by making a big deal in the press that everyone should not spread or listen to these rumours (when no one seems to even know that a rumour exists), these irresponsible individuals are actually trying to START and SPREAD the rumour.

Why? Might they be trying to 'remind' the silent majority about May 13, 1969 and that a similar incident will be wrought upon the citizenry if some party's right to rule continues to be questioned?

Might they be trying, again, to lay the groundwork for more ISA arrests?

And what do you reckon the following article is about?
LTTE, Ruthless Militants Of Sri Lanka - Bernama
Perhaps trying to subconsciously reinforce the spectre of Hindraf being linked to the LTTE? Not withstanding the fact that there is no evidence of such a link besides an undisclosed police report that was allegedly made by an undisclosed person?

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gmk said...

"If you say a lie loud enough and long enough people will eventually believe it to be true" - Joseph Goebbles