Saturday, December 22, 2007

Non-Chinese not allowed to use the words 'Tapau, Kowtim, Yumcha' etc

With immediate effect, sean-the-man decrees that all non-Chinese are to cease and desist from using the following words:


These are Chinese words, you see.

It’s from the Chinese (language). WE CANNOT let OTHER races use it because it will confuse people.

We CANNOT allow the use of these words by non-Chinese.., nobody except Chinese.

These words are used by the Malays and Indians. It’s NOT right.

These words can only be used in the context of the Chinese race and NOT any OTHER race.

Why am I taking such a line? Because that's perfectly acceptable, according to Malaysian Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharum who recently applied exactly the same 'logic' to the word 'ALLAH'.

"..ONLY Muslims can use ‘Allah’.

It’s a Muslim word, you see.

It’s from (the Arabic (language). WE CANNOT let OTHER religions use it because it will confuse people.

We CANNOT allow this use of ‘Allah’ in non-Muslim publications, nobody except Muslims.

The word ‘Allah’ is published by the Catholics. It’s NOT right."

The word ‘Allah’ can only be used in the context of Islam and NOT any OTHER religion."

- Malaysian Unplugged Uncensored and for context, Malaysiakini
Here's a couple of questions for Johari 'The Ayatollah' Baharum. They clearly demonstrate the futility of mere humans in purporting to speak on God/Allah's behalf, for their own petty, worldly purposes.

1. Who died and made him the Grand Caliph and Living Prophet of Islam? Who is he, to decide what belongs to Islam and what does not? Who is he to tell people of other religions what words they can and cannot use in their religious texts?

2. What about Arabs who are Muslims and Arabs who are not Muslims? Does he speak for them concerning the use of Arabic words?

3. Does his religious decree apply to Muslims and non-Muslims outside Malaysia?

If anyone was trying to confuse people, it's Johari 'The Second Coming' Baharum. But if you ask me, I reckon the explanation for the deputy minister's statement is simple.

In his eagerness to justify his Internal Security Ministry's intention to ban any non-Islam religious publications in Bahasa Malaysia, he neglected to ensure that his excuse, in the process, does not require him to ascend the throne of Grand All-Powerful Imam and Global Mufti for all schools of Islam.

And by the way, Johari 'The Voice of God' Baharum is only the deputy minister. His boss and minister is no other than Abdullah 'I am the PM of all Malaysians' Badawi. So, is this religious intolerance Islam Hadhari talking?

And one more thing. From now on, no Brits, Yankees and other non-Cantonese speakers of the English language may use the words DELAY NO MORE.


Anonymous said...

with Immediate effect no one is allowed to use the work Bumiputera as it is an Indian word.

We don't wanna confuse anyone especially Indian Muslims like Zainuddin Maidin, Mohd Nor Yaakop and Putera UMNO Head Datuk Azeez and oh Yes ! The Prime Ministers Secretaries Tajudeen Abdul Wahab and Reezal Merican NAINA Merican.

The usage of this word by the Government has wrongfully encouraged Indian Muslims into believing that they are the Bumiputeras here.

Hence forth the word " Bumiputera" has been banned from usage except by the Indian community.

We dont want people to be confused anymore

lucia said...

mental jog

haha. true. and why are some malay stalls using yong tau foo and char koay teow? those are chinese words mah... so malays shouldn't use them according to johari's logic.

malayamuda said...

By Johari's logic , Malaysians easily get confused. Basically we are people who can't think and are dumb DUH !!!

Everything has to be spelt out clearly to us and it has to be in the constitution, in black and white, or else we will be fooled by our own stupidity.

Now if Char Kueh Teow and Yong Tow Foo which usally contain pork/ pork oil , is written on a Malay Muslim stall , many will be under the impression that Malays and muslims actually eat pork in Malaysia.

I suggest the Internal Security Minister Ban all Malay stalls from having Chinese dishes in their menu.

People will be confused and that could be a threat to the Internal Security of this country.

DUH !!!

Anonymous said...

Why so hardup want to use the word "Allah"? Why cant you use the word "God" instead? I dont think the publication was in Arabic !!! What was the purpose of using word Allah in non Arabic publication ? I dont see any good reason ....

Anonymous said...

Now you know why this country is going shit,,,,,you have idiots like that asshole Johari, depty Home Minsiter no less, with the kind of brainless logic making decisions for this country. You can include all of his dumb and brainless colleagues in UMNO who are in positions to make decisions and that is why this country is such a shameful one with no respect from other countries including from alot of non-bumis.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 1st comment. Bumiputtiran became bumiputera. That's the fact. So, only indians, particularly Tamils should use that word.

The word "Allah" actually borrowed by Arabs from sanskrit, days before Islam, to refer to God. Anyone can check this if you have access to sanskrit dictionary.

Anonymous said...


Allah must be rather annoyed that a blithering idiot like Johari Baharom dares to call himself a follower of Islam.

I'm waiting for a holy lightning bolt to smite Johari's (and his boss') sanctimonious ass. It's just a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

hi sean,
check out the website above. got some good articles there as well.

artchan said...

so i chinese..i can say tiew niamah to that jokeri moron?

Anonymous said...

It has been proven that word "Allah" existed long before Islam then all the muslim in Malaysia have been praying to someone elses god. O my god. Alamak allah sayang allah sakit la.....cannot be used anymore