Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sporean newpaper sympathises with Pak Lah. Delay No More.

The front page plus 2 whole pages inside Singapore's Weekend Today tells about how Pak Lah was "forced" to use the ISA and portrays him as merely an innocent victim of a rising tide of circumstances. RUBBISH!

Today talks about how Pak Lah's hand was forced by Hindraf's continued campaign against the marginalisation of Indians. How Hindraf's actions could spark racial riots. Fine, Hindraf was inflammatory. Then, how about the senders and spreaders of the SMSes urging Malays to turn violent against the Indians? How about the folks who wantonly bring up May 13 and the morally bankrupt concepts of "ketuanan" (lordship) or "hak istimewa" (special rights) as justifications of 'rightful violence' against non-Malays? AS IF there was such a thing as violence that was 'rightful'. Should they not be detained under ISA as well?!

Today Newspaper.., Delay No More!

Damn, the spin has crossed the causeway. For new with less embellishment, read Malaysiakini. If you're too cheap for paysites... like me, Malaysia-Today.


multidimid said...

The spin doctors are working hard and now reported & distorted the IGP statement that “Hindraf held an unlawful assembly on Nov 25 and marched to the British High Commission to hand over a petition” Were they allowed to march to the BHC ? Did they hand in any petition?

But the most sarcastic is the remark by Najib when confronted with the US demands that the detainees be given a fair trial:

“Can they give a fair trial to the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, first of all? We will only response if they do so”
And this contrasted sharply when the Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs Shabery Cheek declared in Parliament in March 07 that ISA detention cannot be compared to the detention in Guantanamo Bay The irony is that the Malaysian government had similarly requested the US Government for a fair trial of the two Malaysians who are suspected to be involved in the al-Qaeda terrorism activities.
More details at:

and a Video Clip of Najib words not reported elsewhere and also Clips of Hindraf leaders last moments before they were ISAed.

multidimid said...

the Missing link..
More details at:
Go H E R E

and a Video Clip of Najib words not reported elsewhere and also Clips of Hindraf leaders last moments before they were ISAed.

Anonymous said...

Bro, i'm based in SG. Having been here a while, I can certify that the govt down here is just as anal-retentive about public protests as our great and glorious govt of Bolehland.

I figure the pro-Blahdawi spin in Today newspaper is probably meant to discourage any attempt by the expat Malaysians here to rise in support of the cause back home.

The Malaysian expat community here will be a powerful force, if we can mobilise it. We're working on it.

[ ghostline ]

sean-the-man said...

Which is why I don't blog about Singapore. Well, not much anyway.