Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas 500th Post! - What happens when a dog bites its master?

Would ya believe it? This is already the 500th blog post and it coincides with Christmas eve.

Anyway, Gerakan had every opportunity to give all decent Malaysians a real Xmas gift, but they showed that they are right up there with MCA and MIC in terms of being UMNO's butt kissing bitch.

With a twitch of his rusted keris, a mere UMNO youth leader can command the President of Gerakan (no less) to throw his party stalwart to the wolves. (For background, read Malaysiakini and Lim Kit Siang).

That really underlines the fact that we cannot, CANNOT depend on the other BN component parties to be a credible and effective counter-balance to an increasingly 'lebih' UMNO. A dog cannot expected to bite its master and get away with it, no?

Anyway... don't let their cowardice dampen your holiday mood. Merry Xmas, folks.

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