Saturday, December 01, 2007

sean-the-man is the saviour of all residential schools, MARA colleges, matriculation institutes and religious schools

Someone with the email ID "Rojak Rojak" sent me an email about an article in today's The Star spinning a story about how the PM is supposedly the "saviour" of the Chinese schools. Not sure why the fella signed off the email as 'Cendol' though. Anyway, here's what he said:

Hi Sean,

I read 'PM - "saviour" of Chinese schools' in Star today (1 Dec), and I really cannot tahan already.

I am disappointed our MCA reps and LEADERS continue to be happy with the little sweets/treat given by Pak La-la Land. After 50 years of independence they still are happy with the small insignificant steps made at improving the education system.

??Saviour of Chinese School (there were quotation marks around "saviour"?? in the article)?? I am a lay person who is not savvy in political issues and I am very frustrated with the government reaction to the people cry for help and on going feedback. However, the following are my observation and expectation for someone is really a sincere saviour.

- we have fewer Chinese High Schools than Chiness Primary Schools. The education of "traditional values such as Taoism, Confucianism and the concept of being hardworking" (abovementioned Star article) need to be strengthen continue in High Schools.
- why is the Chinese Private High Schools are still not recognised?
- is the allocation of funds to Chinese Schools (Primary and Secondary) balance and fair with other schools?
- what is the great stories about school relocation? I hardly see any new additional Chinese Schools being built, but I do see increasing demand for Chinese schools education (Malays and Indians are coming to Chinese Schools)

I am not an eloquent person. I am so sick of our kiss ass Chinese political reps, wonder why they never be ashamed of not able to make us proud. We need new Chinese rep with calibre and courage BADLY. I am ok if you post any of my babbling on your blog.

And I have to agree.

MCA likes fighting to keep the vernacular school system. But they have done absolutely nothing about making sure the govt spends the tax money collected from Chinese Malaysian taxpayers on Chinese schools.

If simply helping out one lousy outback Chinese school makes him the saviour of Chinese schools, then sean-the-man (like many other Malaysians like him) must be the son of god himself to all the residential schools, MARA colleges, Matriculation institutes and religious schools - because his taxes each year fully fund these schools even if he and his children after him will never be able set foot in them!

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