Monday, July 02, 2007

Ada hantu? Letter muzzling opposition faxed 5 years before it was written.

Malaysiakini in an article entitled "Opposition muzzled - here's black and white proof" has posted 'proof' that the govt instructed private radio and television stations to cease and desist airing speeches by opposition party leaders.

While I have no doubt whatsoever that such political underhandedness is part and parcel of the Barisan National govt's modus operandi (the fact that BN parties own virtually all nationwide mainstream press companies is testament enough of this) - I do however have a question regarding the 'proof' itself.

Why does the copy of the faxed letter provided as proof have different dates on the letter's header at the top, and the fax transmission time stamp at the bottom?

While a time difference of a few days (between writing and subsequently faxing the letter) is perfectly understandable... why is the fax transmission time stamp (2 August 2002) dated almost 5 years before the date of the letter (7 June 2007)?

Perhaps Malaysiakini could explain that. Of course, it could be as simple as someone not setting the correct date in their fax machine. But then again... that's like saying Bill Clinton was innocent since Monica Lewinsky couldn't possible know who she was sucking off under the desk in the oval office because she had her eyes closed. Some things are just too simple to be credible.

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