Monday, July 23, 2007

Clean fingers or clean election. Is it a difficult choice?!

This is either a blatant and extreme case of form over function, or someone is trying to render stillborn, the attempt at electoral reform. Either way it casts a rather bad light over all involved.

As many bloggers want to know, just who the hell are these 'religious groups' that have complained to the EC?

The Election Commission’s (EC) plan to use indelible ink in the general election – to safeguard against multiple or phantom voting – has been referred to the National Fatwa Council.

The EC wants the council to advise if the move was within Islamic guidelines, as it could affect the act of wudhu’ (ablution, or cleansing of the body) before a Muslim goes for prayers or carry out other religious rituals.

Commission deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said the ink would stay on the thumb for two to three days.

He added that some religious groups had expressed reservations about the proposed change on how votes would be cast. - TheStar
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