Monday, July 23, 2007

Universiti Utara M'sia - Smart dressing reflects good character

New dress codes at UUM with the tagline "Smart dressing reflects good character."

Obviously they don't believe in the phrases "wolf in sheep's clothing" or "don't judge a book by its cover" there. Form over function anyone?

Originally posted on Ipoh forums by kris:

Came across this piece of news from yesterday's Sin Chew Daily. It has not been covered in the English papers.

Students enrolled at the Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok (which specialises in mainly business and management courses), Kedah for the new academic year which commenced on 6 July are required to abide by the new dress code for both sexes and is applicable to all races.

Posters like the one show below are posted all over the campus. Compliance is compulsory and there is a fine of RM 200 for each case of non-compliance. Students have also been denied entry into Lecture Halls for failing to comply with the new requirement.


For females: Muslim dressing or western suits with long skirts which cover the knees and shirts to extend to hip level.

For guys: Long pants and long sleeve shirts to be tucked in.

I was wondering if the university authorities have nothing better to do. So much for freedom in the local institution of higher learning. :rolleyes:

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N said...

Glad I'm done with UUM already, haha...

For the existing students, Fight, fight! good managers don't just follow, they lead!