Friday, July 13, 2007

Muslim women.., wear shorts and jump around NOW!

Sports Minister Azalina Othman Said says that Muslim sportswomen need NOT cover up.

"It's never become an issue in Malaysia," she said, declaring that women of all ages should, and do, feel free in this country to "wear shorts and jump around".

"We have Muslim gymnasts wearing tights and it's never crossed anyone's mind about how athletes are dressed. I am quite thankful that the people of Malaysia are still open-minded."
Sure, she's makes a bold statement now. But let's see if she stands her ground if she gets criticised by the clerics. I hope she does, or else our womenfolk could be wearing burkinis (burqas + bikinis) one day.

For a previous blog on dress codes, click on: It's all in the way you dress, baby. (NB. The blogpost link includes several sinful and morally reprehensible pictures. DO NOT view if you are a member of PPIM or are similarly retarded in some manner.)

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