Monday, July 16, 2007

Tun M: Mixed marriages strengthens unity... nope, I don't think so.

Dr M says that mixed marriages can strengthen national unity.

Cross-cultural marriages can strengthen national unity, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said. The former prime minister said different cultural backgrounds should not be a barrier for couples to tie the knot.

"Islam accepts anyone of diverse upbringings and traditions. And, it does not stop Muslims from practising their own cultures so long as it is within the scope of the Islamic teaching."

Dr Mahathir, who is the Islamic Welfare Organisation (Perkim) president, said although majority of the Muslims in Malaysia were Malays, it did not mean that the converts must discard their culture and embrace the Malay ways.

"We also should not assume that converts, who hold on to their culture, have a weak grasp of Islam."
My dear Tun, you have only addressed half the barrier, and it's the much less significant half at that.

The biggest barrier to mixed marriages will always be religion. And it's not about non-Muslims disliking the idea of embracing Islam. It's about non-Muslims being forced to embrace Islam as a pre-condition for embracing their significant others.

It's the fact that NOBODY likes being forced. And it's the fact that the love between 2 people is being used as vile leverage to subjugate the pre-existing religous convictions of the non-Muslim half of the couple.

As long as the current one-sided mandatory conversion rules are in place, mixed marriages will be seen as a tool of religious domination of Muslims over the non-Muslims... strengthening the hand of disunity rather than the opposite.

It's like what Henry Ford supposedly said about the Model T: "You can have it in any colour, as long as it's black." So Tun, let's quit the bullshit about mixed marriages being fair and free, ya.


Islam Hadhari said...

Hey, let's let the Muslim in this kinda marriage to be forced to convert out of Islam and into the spouse's religion, but of course we'll let them continue embracing the Malay culture. Same deal, right?

CreitGirl said...

Mixed marriages can be unhappy because of cultural differences. I can't imagine how I-a Western women can live happily with an Arabian man. I don't know, may be it is possible, but it is always hard to understand different cultures and traditions when they differ from your own So much.

seantang said...


If you read all those Reader's Digest real-life stories about Western women married to Arab men, the relationship usually begins in a Western country where the Arab man is a foreign student/worker.

And as long as they stay in the West, everything is hunky-dory. Trouble starts brewing when the Western woman follows him back to the Middle East, or if they divorce, he takes the children to the Middle East without her consent.