Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Job vacancy: Taxi company clerk - Women with small tits need not apply

Now this story's interesting...

Jobseeker told to take off blouse (TheStar)

PENANG: A taxi company owner was arrested after he instructed a woman to take off her blouse so that he could see the size of her breasts during a job interview here.

The man told the woman, a housewife in her 20s, that he was looking for a clerk who looked like a model, and that she needed to take off her blouse as part of the interview last Friday.
By now you must be bristling with indignation and rage. Bad, bad taxi company owner. How sexist. How outrageous. He should be hung by his chauvinist man balls.

But then get this...
The woman, who claimed to be under a spell, did as she was told by the man, who is in his 40s. Sources said that as she was leaving the office, he made a "veiled" threat and told her not to tell anyone about the incident.
Now I'm sorry,... but my sympathy for this woman just evaporated. "Under a spell"... yeah right. And I'm KJ's father in law.

Know what I think... I think what we've got is a housewife part-time hooker who got stiffed by her john. And somehow her husband and family found out about her clandestine job, and this is the story she cooked up to get herself off the hook.

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