Monday, July 02, 2007

Parliamentarians told: GT Queens were wearing hot pants, not swimsuits.

After threatening to blacklist sexy singers, some MPs want to blacklist GT Queens as well. All I can is that it'll be a goddam shame if the GT Race Queens don't do Malaysia no more. A real shame.

Sports Ministry Taken To Task Over Sexy Models At Super GT Grand Prix
June 27, 2007 15:35 PM (Bernama)

Two government backbenchers Wednesday took to task the Youth and Sports Ministry over what they said were the presence of scantily clad sexy models in the Super GT Grand Prix held in Malaysia.

Datuk Hasni Mohamad (BN-Pontian): "How can such a thing be overlooked by the ministry because these girls were paraded not only in Kuala Lumpur but also nationwide?"

Datuk Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading): "We have the legislation and we say there will be enforcement but when someone violates the law we do not act, more so when the offender is a foreigner."
And the response from the sports ministry... hot pants lah, not swimsuits, you hokey, goat-screwing, camel-marrying country bumpkins.
Parliamentary Secretary to the Youth and Sports Ministry S. Vigneswaran, when replying to the questions, said the models did not wear swim suits but were attired in hot pants.

He said the ministry was concerned and that the matter would be brought to the minister (Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said) for appropriate action.


Anonymous said...

But thats a good news. They are finally taking being a muslim country seriously. And that as muslim, its sinful to look at a women with her modesty exposed. The state can't stop every tom, dick & harry from doing it, it should discourage situation where sins can occur. As sin I really mean exploiting women as sex objects for better understanding of non-muslims.

It really for the better.

seantang said...

Last I heard, corruption, racial discrimination and money politics were sinful as well.

How come no MPs don't make noise about that?

Let he(she) who has not sinned cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

Abdul Kudus. DBKL or was it MBSA official found guilty for bribe taking money from restaurants in in exchange of leniency from his raiders.

Tan Sri Md.Isa. Former MB of Seremban, money politic. Now no longer in politics.

That guy from Klang. Who build a mansion for his family without a permit. In the news.

The thing is you only highlight whatever you feel is appropriate for you cause/agenda. No surprise there, our media acts the same way too.

Dude, that bible script applies when Prophet Isa(Jesus for you) was trying to humiliate the Pharisees because the try to discredit the Prophet in his judgement and to show them that he knows of their sins whereas they know not the sincerity of the whore or of his(I. Isa) sinless-ness.
You can't use that qoute here, where is the progression of morals and sprit of self improvement if people resign to leave things as they are?

seantang said...

And you mean to tell me that a few small potatoes who stepped on a bigger potato's toes qualify as anti-corruption and anti-money politics brought up by the MPs?

No my friend. That was not membanteras rasuah by our MPs. That was kena retribution and scapegoating by their peers.

Tell me this, how about Mohd Said and his balak-balak? What happened to the land alienated to Happy Balls Zakaria's wife (he, with the mansion from Klang)? Mohd Taib and his suitcase of money? Countless others are still running around naked and free.

So, no... I stand by what I said. The MPs are going after selected "sins" only. Easy ones like sexy singers and GT girls. The ones that they don't have to go head to head with a political heavyweight.

As for my agenda, I highlight whatever I think needs highlighting. I've never said I was media agency and will report all the news. I just write about what I feel people should know. You think and make up your own mind. And as you obviously did in making your previous comment - I have done what I set out to do.

As for the bible quote... well, what I'm saying is that the MPs, as an institution, are guilty of bigger sins, like corruption and the perpetration of injustice. So, I feel they are NOT ENTITLED to go after chicken feed "sins" (btw, I'm still not convinced GT queens are sins... temptation or dugaan maybe, but not sins) until they have atoned for theirs. That's simply hypocritical and morally dishonest.

When it comes to "the progression of morals and the spirit of self improvement"... like Steven Covey says... first things first. I simply cannot condone sweating the small stuff when the big stuff is killing the country.

Besides, you may like your tax money spent on the Talibanisation of Malaysia. I don't.

kittykatt said...

Aye, aye Sean,
What have happened to Malaysians now and before? The muslims are getting more fanatic and judgemental at every nook & corner and yet when it comes to those good old days of P.Ramlee's, they can watch the repeat a thousand times. Not one word about why those women in those days who had freedom to wear tight kebayas and no coverings. Why ah?

Anonymous said...

Man wat the fuck is worng with them, it's not like those chicks were naked! They even have these chicks when the F1 rally comes to Turkey! I don't want no Taliban Mofo Banana Republic country!

Also to the guy who made the first comment:

What the hell do you mean it's all for the better and taking it as a muslim country seriously?!!!
Malaysia wasn't even intended to be one, you stupid fuck! We were supposed to be a multicultural country, but cockcroaches like you hijacked it to suit your agendas!!

I really can't stand Malaysia being turn to another lil Mini Saudi Arabia!

PS: to Sean-The-Man, nice blog dude!