Tuesday, July 24, 2007

KL-SG route: Open skies are open lies

What can we say about open skies between KL and SGP that hasn't already been said?

Malaysia's reluctance is to:

(1) protect the MAS/SIA monopoly of the route. It's a cash cow that MAS relies on heavily to fund its "turnaround."

(2) protect KLIA which would lose international passengers to Changi if there was a cheap connecting flight between the 2 airports (Changi simply has more airlines -> more flights -> more alternatives -> more competition -> cheaper fares).

Any other reason quoted by the Malaysian govt is quite frankly a smokescreen. We don't need Proton, we certainly don't need MAS. National entities should power the economy and uplift the welfare of Malaysians,... not bring them to their knees.

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