Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can't see his face, she cannot tell if it's her husband. But let's have sex anyway.

Here's a funny story.

She felt a warm body next to her. Thinking it was her husband, she did what came naturally.

Not until her husband entered the room and asked her about a man he had seen walking out of the room did she realise that she had had sex with another man.

The housewife, 40, then lodged a report at the Cukai police station at 5.30pm alleging she had been raped. Police later arrested the couple's friend, a 29-year-old labourer, who had been staying with them over the past two months.

The woman said she went to bed in their Chuping home about 5am on Friday after making preparations for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. Her husband had gone to work earlier.

About an hour later, she claimed, she felt a man next to her and she proceeded to make love to him. She claimed she did not see his face. - NST
I've got only one question and it's for the ladies. When it comes to your husbands and boyfriends, is his face the only physical feature you can recognise? Be honest. And do all men smell the same to women?

I reckon she's two-timing her husband and when he found out, this is her excuse.


KPTMAS said...

Herm...no idea what to say on people nowadays

Anonymous said...

Since you ask for ladies’ opinion, here is mine.

Only desperate fools would make up such stories and stupid fools that will believe in such lies especially when caught in such situation.

You can randomly ask any women on the street of such question and they would tell you in confidence of course they know who they are doing it with especially if it’s their hubby or bf.

Comeon-la, the body structure, the caressing, movement, scent, technique and skin cannot tell the difference meh? What a load of Bull Crap she’s pulling here ah? Want to make a public issue also, must have some sense too right? I wonder how the police felt when took down her statement and how foolish her husband must have seemed when all this is going on?

Oh yeah it’s her word that she’s baking cookies till the wee hours in the morning and still got energy to perform in bed with “hubby” and which inconsiderate husband will have the heart to ask sex from wife after knowing she has been baking all day long?

You know what Sean, unless she’s lying there like a piece of dead meat, dozing off to dreamland, only then she couldn’t care less if it’s her hubby or playmate who’s doing the job which reminds me of Animal Planet *sighs*