Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sultan Azlan calls for end to vernacular, religious and Malay boarding schools

If Tuanku means what I think he means, I think he's calling for a stop to racial religious segregation in the country's education system by putting an end to vernacular (Chinese and Tamil schools), religious and Malay-only composition of the elite boarding schools.

Race relations and religion should be given priority in the crafting and implementation of the country's education policy, said the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah.

He said educating the young generation separately according to ethnic and religious groups would not be appropriate for a multireligious and multiracial country like Malaysia.

"As people living in the same country and breathing the same air, it's important that everyone is moulded by the same education system.

"National interests should take precedence over those of ethnic groups," he said when launching Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman's (STAR) golden jubilee celebration here today.

He said it was important that the racial composition of students in boarding schools reflected that of the country.

"By living, playing and studying together, the students will view themselves first and foremost as citizens of a sovereign country and regard ethnicity as something of lesser importance," he said.
This news is available from BERNAMA and The Star. Conspicuously absent from the pages of NST and Malaysiakini though.

If that is indeed what's on Tuanku's mind, it will be an initiative I wholeheartedly support:
I also feel the schooling system needs to be revamped to draw Malaysians closer to each other.

(a) No more venacular Chinese or Tamil schools, Malay boarding schools or MARA junior colleges.
(b) All Malaysian children attend National Schools. The Vision schools were a good idea.
(c) All subjects to be taught in BM and English.
(d) All Mandarin, Tamil and religious classes can only be taught AFTER a full day's "regular" classes and to be fully funded by the schools.
(e) Teachers and the Education Dept will be the first govt department to be revamped to make sure the composition of teachers and officials is balanced.
(f) Instead of a Higher Education and an Education Minister, there will be 3 Education Ministers of the same rank (one of each race or something to that effect) each with veto power that cannot be overwritten even by the PM, unless by a 2/3rds majority in parliament. The Party Whip does not apply to MPs when voting on education bills.

-- sean-the-man's NEW NEP! Is it palatable to all? on 25/9/2006
And I feel it's very telling that Tuanku chose STAR (Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman) in Ipoh - an exclusive Malay boarding school of similar pedigree as MCKK (Malay College Kuala Kangsar) in terms of perpetuating the fallacy that educating teenage boys in an elitist, single race environment will produce good leaders for a multi-racial Malaysia - to convey his message.


Anonymous said...

That wll be the day....but if the Sultan spearheads this change fearlessly.....I am all for it.....but first things first....the Sultans better take this country back from its traitorous politicians.....

michelle said...

The education system now is different compared to 70s or early 80s. Time change and now those primary and secondary school are turning those schools into islamic ways. Even my daughter is make to wear tudung while she is under the hot sun during "berkawat" .. under the pretext more uniformity. Holy shit .. what is this?!?

sean-the-man said...

As long as the Chinese and Indians maintain their vernacular schools, their numbers in national schools will continue to dwindle and the Islamisation will continue unchecked as a natural consequence of the unnaturally high concentration of Malay students AND teachers.

I reckon that Chinese and Indians should give up their vernacular schools, return to national schools and INSIST (with their votes) the safeguards I listed become a reality.


Because ALL Malaysians pay tax that funds national schools. Very little of this tax goes to vernacular schools. It makes no sense that ALL Malaysians regardless of race and religion pay so much tax to fund a multi-billion ringgit national education budget, BUT Chinese and Indian schoolchildren do not benefit from this budget (which their parents paid for).

Besides the over-riding objective of national reconciliation, there is a very real economic benefit from returning the Chinese and Indians to the fold of national schools.

In addition, a significantly increased number of non-Malay children in national schools PLUS the safeguards provides leverage to force a change in the current Malay-only composition of teachers, headmasters and officials. This will in turn reverse the Islamisation that is taking place now in national schools.

Otherwise... if giving up their precious vernacular schools is too much for the Cinapeks and Thambies to swallow - a simpler alternative is to vote in a govt that allows a tax rebate (not deduction, rebate!) for contributions and school fees paid to vernacular schools.