Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lat, the Kampung Boy. A picture is worth a thousand political speeches.

A bit of news about our Ipoh-mali (well, sort-of lah) cartoonist, Lat.

Lat, The Kampung Boy, A Hit In Washington DC

WASHINGTON, Oct 24 (Bernama) -- Lat, Malaysia's famous cartoonist, drew a crowd of Malaysian and American fans here Tuesday who could not get enough of his depiction of the simple life of a kampung boy in Kampung Lalang in Kota Baru, Perak.

Datuk Mohammed Nor Khalid, better known as Lat, who is here to promote his Kampung Boy and Town Boy books published in English by the First Second, a publishing company in New York, talked about his simple childhood. - Bernama
One of the things I've always loved about Lat was that his insights on Malaysians of all races and Malaysian life in general are so on the money, so compelling, that it hits the nail on the head like a pneumatic nailgun. Each cartoon manages to articulate a socio-political comment that is clear and concise, but at the same time, is not abrasive and makes his 'victims' laugh at themselves rather then get defensive. A talent that Malaysia needs more than ever... (tell me about it ;p)

Good luck and fair winds, datuk.


Anonymous said...

Being an Ipohan, Lat's Town Boy is a very personal fave of mine. The backdrop is so much about Ipoh. Very poignant story especially his special friendship with Frankie. Wonder what happened to Frankie now??

sean-the-man said...

I prefer the term Ipohite myself... but anyway...

Ya, Frankie. I remember that character. Not sure if Lat actually followed up on Frankie's story in his later publications.

I used to buy Lat books, but after the first few, they just got too expensive for a schoolboy like me (at that time) to afford. So I haven't actually kept up with the books.