Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why the NEP is hopelessly corrupted and who it actually benefits.

The NEP (New Economic Policy or NEarly apartheid Policy... depending on your moral fibre) is fatally flawed as it is, because it seeks to trap Malaysians into racial silos and then discriminate between these different races in all areas of their lives.

The "moral" argument (if you can even call it that) for the NEP has always been that Malays lag behind the non-Malays, and the NEP is needed to equalise the 'wealth distribution' between the races. And a large part of this wealth redistribution program is the granting of govt contracts to 'bumiputra' or Class F / Kelas F companies in order to 'encourage' Malays to involve themselves in the business world. For info on what the requirements are to be a Kelas F contractor, see here.

And one of the main factors that the govt has always stressed to cast an illusion of legitimacy on the NEP is that these Kelas F contracts are distributed fairly to DESERVING bumi contractors, so that Malays are incentivised and given ample opportunity to be successful businesspeople.

But many people have said otherwise... that the benefits of the NEP do NOT go to the intended beneficiaries (ie. the average Malay). Instead, the benefits are strongly rumoured to benefit ONLY the politically connected Malays, who also happen to be the rich ones ie. the ones who deserve the NEP the least.

Well... it's a rumour no more. Here's a letter published on Malaysia-Today that was apparently sent from the UMNO chief of Batu Pahat, Johor to the Batu Pahat District Engineer in the Public Works Dept (JKR) that expressly and explicitly instructs the latter to blacklist and exclude a number of Kelas F contractors who are supposedly 'supporters' or 'sympathisers' of the Opposition parties.

Let's do a little logical thinking. The exclusion and blacklisting of Malay contractors who 'support and sympathise' with the Opposition from obtaining means that only those Malay contractors who 'support and sympathise' with the ruling party (ie. UMNO) will be eligible for govt contracts.


Is the NEP a tool for uplifting the poor Malays?

Or is it a plot to channel the country's coffers into the pockets of those who "support and sympathise" with UMNO?

If you're reading this blog and you're non-Malay, then your suspicions of the NEP's role in destroying this country is confirmed.

If you're a Malay reader, then you've just found out who your true nemesis really is.., who from the very beginning, has been trying their best to derail the upliftment of the overall Malay community in order to enrich themselves and their cronies.

Read also Malaysians Unplugged for an English translation of the letter and his take on this.

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