Friday, October 05, 2007

The 'New Evidence' on Hamilton's Japan Fuji F1 GP victory on youtube

Hamilton's driving to be investigated
Thursday, 04, October, 2007, 12:07

Lewis Hamilton is facing a stewards' investigation into his driving while under the safety car in the Japanese Grand Prix.

The officials are understood to be considering whether Hamilton could have contributed to the collision between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel that took the duo out of second and third places during the second caution period at Fuji.

"New evidence has been brought to the stewards' attention and they are currently investigating the matter," an FIA spokesman told

Vettel said at the time that he had hit Webber while distracted by Hamilton slowing unexpectedly.

“I was exiting turn 13 and looking at Lewis, because all of a sudden he seemed to slow down really much and I thought he had a problem at that stage," Vettel told ITV Sport's Louise Goodman in Japan.

“And by the time I was looking back to the front I was already crashing into Mark’s rear end.”
Read the rest of the itv article above for Hamilton, Vettel and Webber's comments.

And it is my understanding that the youtube below of a spectator's video is indeed the 'NEW EVIDENCE' mentioned above.

Apparently under the safety car conditions, the race leader must stay 5 car lengths behind the safety car. So, that's another charge against Hamilton besides the accusation of reckless driving.

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