Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The obscene Happy Balls palace (Istana Zakar-ria)

How else can one describe Happy Balls Zakaria's palace, except with the word "obscene"?

Besides being disgusted with how he manipulated 400 orphans to show off his wealth, there's also a couple of questions I like to ask:

1. Why isn't the ACA or IRB curious where he got the money from to build this architectural monstrosity? Why hasn't the ACA's probe into Happy Ball's illegal residence, unpaid assessments, illegal restaurant and his tenure as a councillor been finalised? Has the investigation even gotten off the ground?

2. Has Happy Balls benefited from any of the 'poverty eradication' programs under the NEP? Has he gotten any govt contracts or licences meant for 'disadvantaged' bumiputras? Has he received any bumiputra discounts on the purchase of property? Has any of his 11 kids been given govt scholarships?

Is the objective of the NEP to produce Happy Balls and other filthy rich people like him, with taxpayer money? And the govt wonders why so many people are against the NEP?!

From The Star: The mansion has 21 bathrooms and 16 bedrooms, where his 11 children would occupy one each.

Palatial: Zakaria’s brightly lit mansion.

There's a jacuzzi in the master bedroom's bathroom.

Cool sight: A swimming pool is part of the facilities at the mansion.

Spacious: The master bedroom has a changing room as well as a jacuzzi.

Besides this, the mansion also has a swimming pool, several gazebos, an orchard, a two-hole mini golf course, a VIP room, three living rooms, a prayer room, an office, a store room, two rooms for maids, a dining room, a wet kitchen and a dry kitchen.

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