Saturday, October 27, 2007

No manners... the village idiot from BN-Jerai

Hot on the heels of the 'bocor-gate', yet another verbal faux pas in parliament rudely exposes the fact that some BN MPs are not even civilised to be members of the human race, much less members of parliament.

NST reports that Badruddin Amirudlin (BN-Jerai) practically insulted all wheelchair bound people as being punished by god when he shouted at DAP's Karpal Singh that:

"Now you are sitting in a wheel chair. God has punished you."
Jeff Ooi in Screenshots further revealed that parliamentary transcripts detailed an allegation that Badruddin had also uttered the words "Puki Mak" in parliament.

Badruddin of course maintains that he had been misquoted and misunderstood.

Well if that's the case, then I too wish to state I was be misquoted and misunderstood by the people who supposedly heard me say that Badruddin is a foul-mouthed, goat-fucking, retarded village idiot who somehow managed to convince the even dumber voters of Jerai to send him to parliament so that the name of their town (BN-Jerai) is plastered on TV screens and newspapers everytime Badruddin says something stupid in public.

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