Saturday, October 27, 2007

New from Michael Backman... "Malaysia's PM failing his people at every chance"

Here's a new one from Michael Backman... the Aussie of "Malaysia Bodoh" fame (here and here).

The gist of his latest article...

Malaysia is truly at a cross-roads. It has many good people with great potential but it is slipping beneath the waves of mediocrity, weighed down by officials intent on an orgy of plunder while the ship's captain stands idly by.

The process of government needs to be dramatically and urgently overhauled. Malaysia needs a dynamic, strong visionary leader who is up to the task. Instead, it has Abdullah Badawi.
I wonder what Perigi Zam-Zam will have to say about this. He's already chided a Canadian parliamentarian for overstepping the boundaries by making a press statement about being attacked by Mat Rempits.

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Ed said...

I'll bet the official response will be immediate denial + "our country's situation is different, it can't be measured using a foreigner's standards".