Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Khairy: We have not lost the Chinese vote... sure or not?

This is just rich.

As if to coincide with Malaysiakini's article entitled 'Family ties make Khairy an easy target',.. my hero, Mr "It's not wrong to fight for your race" (it's really funny if you say it with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent... honest) plops himself right in front of the cross-hairs when he tries to justify the NEP and racial discrimination to a Singaporean newspaper ala Syed Hamid Albar on BBC's Hardtalk.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the interview:


"Distribution of wealth made possible under these policies is crucial not only for the bumiputeras who are doing badly but also for those non-bumiputeras who are still suffering from poverty and do not have educational opportunities."
WTF? Since when has the NEP had any initiatives whatsoever for impoverished non-bumiputeras? When was the last time a Chinese labourer in a new village or an Indian plantation worker given a govt loan, a govt contract or a seat in a residential school? Do you have any facts and figures supporting how the NEP has provided financial and educational opportunities to poor and therefore, politically unconnected non-bumiputeras?
"If you look at broad-based numbers, with regards to education attainment and income disparity, the numbers show a marked gulf between bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras" [with the latter much better off than the former]. "Certain people" would therefore require "certain advantages" in education, poverty alleviation and in the startup of, for example, small businesses.
Oh yes, and who are those "certain people"? According to this here letter (see: Why the NEP is hopelessly corrupted and who it actually benefits), it seems that the afore-mentioned 'certain people' are those people who are politically connected to UMNO. I hardly think they are impoverished, and I hardly think their numbers are 'broad based'... do you?

And answer me this, my hero. Was your education to Oxbridge paid by the Malaysian taxpayer? Did you or any of your family receive a bumiputera discount on a house or houses purchased? If either is in the affirmative, then are you saying that your family is impoverished? How can that be, what with 2 iPhones (running American Cingular Wireless contracts which means paying $roaming charges$ in Malaysia), cars with personalised number plates and being able to buy & sell shares worth millions of ringgit - all this despite having never been employed... ever. So, how come a wealthy chap like you is entitled to enjoy benefits from the NEP?

And as for the 'gulf' of disparity, I think it'll never be gapped because the UMNOputeras' excuse to prolong the NEP (and enrich themselves in the process) is tenable only as long as the Malays as a whole, stay poorer than the Chinese (see: Lesson 101: How to Justify Racial Discrimination).

"We are not going to make you say you're Malaysian and forget about the fact that you are Malay or Chinese. That is ridiculous. The success of Malaysia comes from the fact that we have our own heritage. The trick is how to work together - to strengthen the Malaysian identity. To me, that is going to be the key to the future."
I have one comment on that... "Who doesn't know your mother is a woman?" Isn't that just stating the obvious? All the races working together is the key to the future... damn, you need an Oxbridge education to know that?

The 'trick', my hero, is the act of working together itself. UMNO's definition of 'working together' is Ketuanan Melayu calling the shots and the cowering non-Malays fall over them themselves rushing to pay rent and tax. And that... is why BN has lost the Chinese vote!

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